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Well now you are just lying

Murray Rothbard and Ron Paul are opposed to the government cartel of the global banking system, they have never expressed any matter of the Rothchilds and the Jewish banking conspiracy.

Carroll Quigley has addressed the Rothschild in his book but in a factual context of who they were and their position in the world.

The Rothschild were investment bankers and other then commenting on how they hated doing business with the banks in the United States because they were unreliable and could not be counted on to honor their commitments of paying species on demand ( which is what the banks always do that over issue currency....with government approval) they hated central banks. They were sound money hard commodity gold standard types that hated the inflation that central banks brought on.

Do you even know anything about "Sound money".....if you did you wouldn't be holding on to this nonsense.

What you are trying to espouse (((((DOES NOT EXIST))))) at least in the Rothschild NAME......It does exist in the sense that the USG developed the financial system after WW2.

I am NOT a defender of the Rothschild......What I am is a defender of the TRUTH.......and you aren't even close to it.

And now I return.

OH Baby!......I am so glad you decided to share you little video.
You see.....when you post that crap as a rebuttal....I am the guy people hate because I do my own research.....and here's what I found.

The video you posted "Criminal Rothschild" is produced by the same people that produced "Money Masters" .

Read Gertrude Coogans Bluff

These people are straight up Greenbackers. If you don't know about the Greenbackers, check out Gary North site and how he dismantles Ellen Brown...the producer of "Web Of Debt" video.....I am sure you have see mandatory for all conspiracy kooks.

But in one part of your video "Criminal Rothschild"....the narrator spells out EXACTLY what I am saying.....defending and praising "pure fiat government issued paper money with no backing of anything"

Around the 7:40 mark and goes to 8:35.... "America had discovered the secret of money"......and pigs can fly!

Let me say this S-L-O-W-L-Y so you get it......there is no secret to money....((((IT DOES NOT EXIST)))).

Here is a link to Rothbard's Conceived in Liberty" .....Here is the TRUTH of American and PAPER MONEY. The chapter starts on page go educate's free!;_ylt=AlpJOrK25tnDLp9NNEmeTUm...