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It's complicated...

Yes. He is.

But... And there is a but... He has greater aspirations for Russia's role in the NWO, and is legitimately jockeying for more power within those ranks. A LOT more power. He believes Russia will play a leading role, if not THE leading role, and the USA will be relegated to 2nd world status, under globalist (including Russian) occupation.

Obama & Putin are both "former" communists. Putin is "former" KGB and Obama's past is steeped in mystery. What we do know for sure about Obama is, he's an ideological extreme-leftist, and he's not who he claims to be.
Obama's job has been to continue, if not complete the on-going process of the destabilization & demoralization of America, and the subversion/re-direction of US interests internationally, and domestically.
Putin's job has been to strengthen Russia's international influence, and improve it's standing and image to the world. He also has great nationalistic/domestic goals, in which he has made a strong push to restore national pride, and has even adopted an expansionist policy.
Both rulers impose tremendous censorship and control over their respective national media. Both leaders have proven their ruthlessness at attacking and eliminating potential political threats.

Also, the symbolism of Russia is the same occult &/or Masonic symbolism you find in the rest of the world. The double-headed eagle is the symbol of the Russian Federation and that symbol can be found linked to several secret societies. Czar, meant Caesar. Like Kaiser, meant Caesar. The ruling class elites are all part of the same bloodlines... Even in Russia... You think Putin, who is one of richest men in the world is any different?

Finally, I have to say that the constant blaming of a small country in the mid-east, only 44 miles wide, and the only Jewish majority population in the world as responsible for all the world's problems, is getting ridiculous. Especially when that country wasn't even re-established until after WW2. But when you see the constant PROPAGANDA coming from the same individuals on American Liberty websites, trying to apologize and defend massively powerful nations like Russia and leaders like Putin, but will attack and shame and blame all the world's problems on a little tiny country in the mid-east just because they are mostly Jews, that tells me that someone is spreading propaganda, and has an agenda. The reason the globalist left hates Israel and the Jews is because Judaism is the root of Abrahamic monotheism, and Christianity. If they can destroy the Jews, they can deny God. And they HATE God.

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