Comment: In fact, she makes the best confused Orwellian arguments for...

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In fact, she makes the best confused Orwellian arguments for...

... the very game the Neocons have had in mind all along! That is the partitioning up of all the middle east into miniature sections controlled by the various energy corporations and banks, through their time tested mechanism of communist/fake religion fanatical dictators. These puppet tyrants really get their funds from the FED through these corporations.

To this end, the talking blond speaks the Orwellian concepts of 'no solution', chaos, caught... all leading to the dialectical solution already planned by the CFR!

See: Angola... where Shell oil kept in food and clothes a Cuban Communist army of over 35,000, to keep control over the freedom fighters headed up by Jonas Savimba... the Christian patriot doctor... who we eventually betrayed and had assassinated! Of course Shell was raping the resources of oil and diamonds, and may still be today!

That is the future of the newest and most modern era serf state being planned for Africa also. The get on the bandwagon oath breakers in Congress are already holding 'committee meetings' to discuss the African agenda! All on schedule. All according to CFR script.

The solution is simple... we need not know anything about the inner workings of conspirators, the machinations of evil congress!

One thing is needful: White-out Congress!

Replace them with 'Write-in Liberty'!

Choose folks who know the simple path of following the constitution, upholding liberty, restoring economic and personal freedom!

The rest will fall into place, including the trials, the prosecutions, the sentences and restorations!