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What I was saying is that you made your point, and maybe had two down votes. I actually thought about upvoting your original bah post because you had a good point. And nobody even replied to it until later.

But that didn't satisfy you. You wanted to turn it into a flame war. Call everybody else names because you were the only one to be critical of the man. Telling folks "they need to stop" and calling them "little bitches"...

Yeah, then you started getting downvoted... And you got on your soap box. And when I suggested that it might not be worth it to make an issue out of it, you claimed that I had no right. No right, when you claimed the right to tell everyone that their grief was wrong...

I read you post about being in the military. I spent four years in the gulf. Not four years in the military, four years deployed. Does that make your feelings any less real? Like I said in my first reply:

C'mon man. Is it worth it?