Comment: Absolutely - keep him around.

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Absolutely - keep him around.

Absolutely - keep him around. We cannot fear words or ideas...

When we attempt to silence voices and their ideas we begin a very destructive process.

For the sickest and most twisted ideas-the more sunshine the better. Then we see them for what they are and people are then aware of the ideas, why they are bad.

Attempting to silence these types of ideas only give the ideas credibility that sunshine would never offer them.

This guys post is understandable, to me. Communism murdered more of its own people than any other political idea. Stalin killed more of his own people than did Hitler. Let that sink in for a minute. So did Mao, so did the African communists.

When someone wears a stalin, lenin or marx T-shirt - they should get the same reaction as someone walking around with a hiel hitler shirt.

If what he said about Robin Williams is true - then I understand his frustration.


Liberty = Responsibility