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I'm sorry but I really have a hard time understanding what you're trying to say in many of your posts. You wrote: "Just as your resentment of a liberal is trivial in regards to the loss that I feel..." just does not make any sense to me. I think that, maybe, you want to say "how you feel is trivial compared to the sense of loss that overwhelms me WITH regard to the death of Robin Williams". However, you're not doing a very good job of getting that thought across. I believe that it was you that suggested that I might have been drunk last night and that makes me think of something that a popular radio host often says: "If you want to know who they truly are, listen to what they accuse YOU of"...

Regarding the inability to "will feelings away", right - that is not possible. However, you can treat those "feelings" with a dose of truth and rational thought and, sometimes, unless the patient has an allergic reaction to the medicine, it will help cure a case of misplaced mourning.