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A few months ago

they were hell bent on giving all of Syria over to Isis

Remember the push to arm the "rebels". There is no doubt that Isis dominated the "rebels". Yet there was no hesitation on Mccain or Obama's part in pushing for the demise of Syria, with would have meant even more territory for this bunch.

So is the point of all this to create a Caliphate? Is that what McCain, Obama and Graham have in mind, Or, are they just that stupid?

And how it the hell do you spend half a trillion or more a year on Defense and have no answer for 14,000 ill trained thugs in light armor and pickup trucks... with no air cover?

And how the hell do you train an national army for ten years that melts away in front of said 14,000 like hot butter?

That fight is for the people of Iraq. If they don't have the balls or motivation to destroy a bunch like that, then they get what they deserve.

I assure you, I could raise a 30,000 man army of rednecks armed at gun shows that could dispatch that group inside of 30 days.