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Not the answer

Blacks are eating up the victim card that the media is giving them. Whites are getting riled up because of the black reaction. There is only one winner here and that's government.

The government is licking it's lips over this mess. They created the problem with their current police brutality training. Then when an incident happens (and they know it will!) they sidestep and let media play 52 pick up with the race deck. The problem is police training and the BS laws they enforce. Police don't care if you are black, white, brown, fat, skinny, male, female, old, or young... they will stomp your face into the ground without a thought.

Meanwhile the government buys more guns, bullets, body armor, tanks, and hires more thugs to deal with the problem they created.

We need to educate each other rather than slinging insults at threats at each other. I know it's harder than sounds but what is the alternative?