Comment: I urge caution for anyone

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I urge caution for anyone

I urge caution for anyone thinking the second coming is just around the corner. In the 70's I fell for "The Late Great Planet Earth" by Hal Lindsey. In that book he detailed how all the prophecies were being fullfulled in our (1970's) current day. "The Bear" was the USSR invading through Afganistan to Babylon and how "the Beast" was going to set up his presence in the rebuilt temple (according to him the Jews had all plans in had to erect the temple as soon as the Mosque was destroyed).

Yeah, it all sounded right. I fell for it big time. I told all our family to get ready, the end was within 10 years for sure and probably more like 7. Guess I had egg on my face, huh??

Beware the cult of "government"...