Comment: I could use a bit of help

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I could use a bit of help

Not sure how to start though.
Our daughter has been diagnosed with ms,she is 17.
I can't get her to eat,she is always sleeping,no energy,and when she does eat
just throws it all up.
I have tried getting her to eat coconut oil,royal jelly,but nothing helps
The dr put her on meds that would run 5 grand a month,and make feel worse than she usually does
We know how to eat right,so that might not be a factor,but 17 ?!?!
Her life is still ahead,as mine is behind,ITS WAY TOO YOUNG and besides that crap like that sucks.
I have talked to some on here and got the ideas I stated above,but if she can't hold anything down,nothing is going to work. I am selling off things we saved for the future to get more supplies just to end this for her and us
As I have stated here before,I am not well,have a bad back,and can't help her much.I get to be the caregiver when at a time in my own life,I have a harder time just helping myself
I have stated before,I used to look for the good in all things,even strife,but anymore I see no good at all

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence