Comment: Im white and i support the

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Im white and i support the

Im white and i support the riots , if republicans said this and pointed out that liberals and liberal media are full of crap police sympathizers and enablers (and want only cops to have guns ) you would have the votes to win the next election

Instead you choose broken windows that can be replaced by filing out a insurance form over the death of a human being , and thats why obama lost 5/million votes since 08 (down to 65 million) and had republicans picked them up they would have won , instead repubs got just 60 million votes for the 2nd election in a row .

I mean screw romney , i didnt even vote outside of paul in the primary but hopefully some of you will get what im trying to say .

This reminds of when media used you to help take down occupy and used occupy to help dirty the name of the tea party , they show you one anti white tweet and you revert back into sheeple ?