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Comment: I have to say that while I am saddened

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I have to say that while I am saddened

I have two problems.

He did it in the house with his wife. He should have just disappeared, as opposed to putting his dangling corps on display inside the residence.

And, it's such a lose of perspective. The guy lived for highs and couldn't handle a little reality check. He was worried about money? He could have made one movie and had more than a lifetimes worth of earnings for the average person. But no, he gives up and his PA finds the body.

To me, money worries is about keeping a roof over you and your families heads. Its about dealing with unemployment while trying to maintain some sense of self worth. Its not about fretting over a cancelled TV series and being disappointed in the movie roles you are getting.

I think there is a lot of anger and ego involved here.

Of course, you could have had a undisclosed terminal illness. He could have been on some cocktail of antidepresants and benzodiazepines that warped his thinking. SO I am not judging.

Suffice to say, assuming he was in decent health, many a 63 year old would have traded places with him. So he definitely had options. I have more sympathy for the guy wasting way with cancer, watching his life savings disappear, while he wonders what will become of his wife and kids.

Oh well. The mind is a funny place.