Comment: I missed this post last year.

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I missed this post last year.

Yes, some people do not want to be bothered, I have learned. I just wanted some other family members to be a team, and help me. More than one caregiver is ideal, especially if they live in the house of the person needing the help.

The first thing is to ask what the person wants as the main baseline and not go statist - performing what you believe is best for the person. If you can get an adamant decision from the person needing help, that should be honored. This is where passing in peace will occur for that person, no matter how bad the ailment.

My influences were from people whose loved passed in the home. I lost the debate with sibling due to their influence from others of placing them.

My Mother did not need hospice, she wasn't that bad. A visiting nurse would have been sufficient to help out.

And the health proxy stuff is horrible, just horrible. Ultimate power to one person, a dictator that decides everything, including locking out other siblings. And worse if that person is not that bright, just a typical mainstream follower.

I feel like I should now be speaking to audiences on my terrible experience to enlighten others besides Liberty education.