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Comment: The legal system is only a rich man's game

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The legal system is only a rich man's game

Both the poor and people of average means will impoverish themselves if they ever attempt to sue big businesses or "seek damages". This is a non-starter because the legal system requires tens of thousands of dollars, or much more (sometimes millions) to even attempt to play the game. And the poor and average people cannot take the time off of work (to sit in court, meet lawyers, etc.) otherwise they will lose their jobs too. This is only a rich man's remedy.

Furthermore, any resolution (financial, etc.) would happen long after the fact, and therefore way too late.

And it might not even be possible to repair all the damage. If toxic waste was dumped into the public drinking water, how do you even know how many people were affected and still are affected and afflicted with disease (cancer, etc.)? The victims themselves might not even know, and there may also be birth defects. The scope is totally undetermined, and the "proper remedy" becomes an unsolvable matter.

For example, if Oil Companies pollute the Gulf Waters - the fish, sea life, birds, etc. are poisoned and this has long reaching consequences to our food supply, the natural habitat, etc. that can never be simply "compensated for".


No. The correct procedure is to prohibit by Law the pollution and the poisoning from occurring in the first place. And to do that, you need a "watch dog" group that has the authority to do that.

Finally, there is something called the pubic or common interest which benefits everyone, and public representation was intended (originally) to address that concern.

But because our campaign and election system is based around legalized bribery, our government can never work for us, and it is a failure and dysfunctional.

So when we will the American people ever get tired of this system legalized bribery -- and demand that all forms of public bribery be outlawed, and finally reclaim the concept of government "for the people" back? It was a mistake for Americans to give in to this myth that the rich have good "let them do what they want". All throughout human history it is clear that the wealthy interests have always sought to subjugate the masses...