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If ive learned one thing in

If ive learned one thing in 6+ years , its that the problem isnt that there are too many people getting mad , its that not enough peolple are getting mad

I mean seriously man , your insurance is gonna go up , is that really your final answer ?

This movement should be different then the reds and blues , and with reds and blues being filled with cop sypathizers and enablers working damage control for the police how are we any different ? I thought the ron paul deal (for me) was anti war banks and police so whats next , maybe a little war ? Maybe inflation is good ? Maybe people should go to jail for the non violent victimless crime of having a plant in their pocket ?

I think some need to turn off their tv thats telling em black thugs are gonna get em , mexican thugs are.gonnq get em , i thought this grew up out of the bush era where we realized we got sold on boogie men .