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Comment: Yes it is sad!

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Yes it is sad!

I have volunteered to be a child advocate, being a voice for foster children in court. I visited the child (children) often, their parents, teachers, foster parents and anyone else involved in their lives. I read all their records, medical, CPS, police records, 911 calls from home.. All that. Then write written reports for the judge and also speak in court. I was able to say my opinions since I was a volunteer and a voice for the child.

It is horribly sad what abuse and/or neglect does to children. I have so much respect for the foster parents who take care of these children and many end up adopting them. Of course foster parents get a bad rap & some are awful, but many of them are nothing short of angels (IMO)

I have seen some crazy things in court while waiting for my case to come up, sometimes I would be there for hours watching other cases. It was very emotional and often brought me to tears. But I enjoyed it because I felt like I was making a difference.

I don't do it now, because I've been moving too often and they require a longer commitment. But I plan to again as soon as I can.

I am all for children's rights.

If you are interested, it is CASA or Guardian Ad Litem (same thing) and is in most every county. 75,000 volunteers nationwide. You can have a few cases at once or just one. You go through training first and they do a background check. They require a year and a half commitment.