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Recipe had been proven effective.

Mercury toxicity (from fillings) sometimes a factor.

Mo plant oils, no fried food, to nitrate/nitrate processed meats. No wheat, rye, barley, oats to insure maximum absorption.

One Healthy Brain and heart pak /100# per month.

Extra bottle of ultimate selenium.

One bottle Ultimate enzymes/100#/month.

One bottle of Ultimate Daily/100#/month

D-stress as needed at least one bottle per month.

100,000 ORAC points per day 6 Cell Shield capsules per day.

One Bottle of FUCOIDZ/month.

Follow this recipe and in 90 days MS should be 90% resolved.

After, a maintenance dose can prevent occurrence.
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This recipe prescribed by Dr. Wallach on radio show.

PS this in know not to be a genetic disease, but a nutritional deficiency disease. The proof is in the supplements.

Free includes debt-free!