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Another California psycho?

People commit suicide every day and I would suspect every state has their share so, cut the Calif. reference. It is sad that some of the people that can make us laugh, do it because they have so much pain inside. You are correct--you don't know what demons were crawling around under Robin's bed every night. Unfortunately, for him, there were too many. Are there any under your bed or in your head? Do you handle every situation without hurting anyone? I suspect most of us would answer yes to the first question and no to the second. The majority of actors are playing a part, just regurgitating a script. What made Robin so unique, was that his brain could think in fast forward coming up with responses that no writer could have scripted. He was lucid enough to check himself into rehab before he had a relapse. Do you think the doctors might have given him a new "wonder" drug? Take these, everything will be okay. Instead, everything went horribly wrong.