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Comment: Get off your high horse, President Nystrom.

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Get off your high horse, President Nystrom.

Yeah, I know you "run the place"... but grow a sense of humor, dude. What's wrong with making fun of your enemies? Instead of "the Bush family", I say "the Bush crime family". It's funny. It's true. It makes people laugh. Darth Cheney, General Betrayus, Hitlery Clinton. I can laugh with liberals and conservatives at our common problems. Humor endears you to your opponents; it makes you hard to hate. They find themselves laughing with you. So chill the f out. What kind of tightwad language is that, anyway? "You debase yourself." LOL

And who cares what Lord Paul "would refer to her" as? You have your own criticisms of Paul and C4L. So why do we always have to ask WWPD? Who cares. He's not perfect.

You really think you can sit inside a house as it burns to the ground and "remain objective"? Good luck with that. Emotions are for the LIVING. And this is not a tennis match.