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Comment: I have MS and 17 is very young AND what you are describing is

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I have MS and 17 is very young AND what you are describing is

closer to LYME'S DISEASE. I have also had to deal with that too. Not being able to eat is what made me think of that. MS doesn't change your appetite as far as I've ever heard. The dizzy thing! Oh man. Its scary at the beginning. I have so much to say so I'm going to ramble. I apologize in advance.
#1 PLEASE GET HER TESTED FOR ALL BANDS OF LYME'S DISEASE AND RELATED INFECTIONS. Keep up on that. The tests often come back negative and are wrong. Lyme's Disease is treated with anti-biotics. And will, after a month, or so calm way down.

#2 MRIs have all the MRIs shown up with multiple legions NOT going away?

#3 regardless of what is actually "wrong" with her, FIND A GOOD NATURAPATH / HOMEOPATH that will work in tandem with a "regular" doctor. Where I live Naturapaths can't order blood tests so I have to see my primary care doctor and she orders up the tests the naturapath asks for. It has taken me quite a few years but now I have a wonderful team open to dealing with each other because they see that I am, in fact, fighting the odds and they love that and support it. In order of importance to me is THE NATURAPATH, THE PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN, AND THE NEUROLOGIST. The Naturapath will be able to assist her in supporting her natural immunity and buttressing systems that are going to be stressed because of the disease and / or the treatments. Vitamins will be a big part of this girls day.

#4 The naturapath will start changing her diet based on what shows up in her bloodwork. And will recommend other treatments depending on her disposition and natural inclinations. I happened to be very receptive to Homeopathy but some people just aren't and that's OK. There are other things that the Dr. will offer if that is the case.

#5 MEDICINE. IF you choose to go with one of the injectables. I would recommend Copaxone daily. It has been around the longest. You don't need regular liver function blood tests. And its basically L-lysine that you shoot up. AND best of all - its the smallest needle on the market. If you do it every day you get used to it sooner than the other 3 day things on the market AND it doesn't make you feel like you have the flu like Betaserone. I started immediately when I was 25 on Copaxone. I'm 44 now. Its a daily injection and I'm still on it. Although right before I got hit off with Lymes we were getting ready to ween me off it. I was doing that great! All treatments for MS are expensive. Which leads us to

#6 FUNDING FOR MEDICINE get on Social Security. I know we are on the DailyPaul and all that but WHATEVER get her on Social Security / Medicare. You will be looking at the CATASTROPHIC group on the paperwork. I know it sounds horrible but like most things when dealing with government the worse off you appear - the better off you will make out with government funding. You will be going through Social Security then interfacing with the state for additional funding. The drug company itself then funds some of it too. Long story short you get the drug for basically free each month depending on how your state does it. WARNING its a total pain in the a$$ with all the paper work. My mother and I worked on it together (with me in tears most of the time) and neither one of us even knows how it really works because so much of the paperwork is redundant and the time lines and schedules between the state and SS and drug company grants never seem to line up. BUT rest assured once you are IN THE SYSTEM things move along without much fuss.

#7 SLEEPY yes yes yes and dizzy and weak. Poor baby. The thing with MS is that it is very based on HORMONES That's why women seem to make out better than men with it. Women's hormones move around a lot and men are even keel. So women tend to fair better than men with this. While I was pregnant I FELT AWESOME!! but then after I had a bad relapse. We were looking for homehealth aides and they wanted to try all sorts of new drugs and Chemotherapy. That's when I said NO WAY and I sought out alternatives. I pleased to say I am doing really well. I have my ups and down times but I know things always change.

#8 This MS thing comes up in the second book in my series. :-D
you can contact me there if you want. Or have her contact me directly. I don't mind at all.