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Comment: It could be a Cyborg, so to speak.

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It could be a Cyborg, so to speak.

It could be a combination of a bot and a person.

The captcha is given to a human to enter the captcha text, and the bot does the rest.

Just throwing that out there.

Also, I read in a article within this past year that there is at least one technology that can successfully automatically recognize captchas.
So, the bot game might go up a notch fairly soon.

That's why I'm thinking that crowd-sourcing the duty of flagging bots and spam might be the way to go, long term.
As long as you throttle the number of new users down so that bots can't overwhelm the population of new users, the existing users may be able to hedge-off the influx of bots and spammers.

You could also throttle the number of posts a new user can make, say, in a day, week, or month, to reduce the impact of the malicious entities.