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Some new toys they've got...

In response to Unaffraid on the subject of "New Toys":

These new toys that St. Louis cops are wanting to use include devices for remote biometric identification, including but not limited to examples such as Morphotrack's MorphoIdent or the MORIS attachment for smart phones, which were trialled on civilians and combatants in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. These devices can read faces, fingerprints, and irises.

The East-West Gateway Council of Governments has already allocated $520,563 in funds, granted by the Department of Homeland Security, for the creation of a biometric tracking infrastructure in the St. Louis area on both the Missouri and Illinois side.

Using this money, they will be purchasing these devices that are capable of remote biometric identification. These devices will not only reference criminal mugshots, but they will be able to pull images from the Missouri Department of Revenue's(MODoR) “facial recognition database” for ALL Missouri drivers' licenses and ID holders that have renewed their license since the new camera equipment was switched in late 2012(the equipment was in every fee office in the state in April, 2013).

According to Nick Gragnani of the St. Louis Area Regional Response System(STARRS), all that is required for an image or a number of images or even all images of all recently-renewed drivers' license and ID holders to leave the MODoR's data center, is a court order. No warrant. No probable cause. Single or bulk. Just a court order. The images from Illinois have already been dumped in. The image is an ICAO 9303 compatible high resolution biometric photograph that enables “local feature analysis” using facial recognition software, and extracts data such as marks, pores, scars, veins, hair follicles, wrinkles, and other data from your face, AND the images are a high enough resolution to pull irises too. This image is sent to Morphotrust, who prints the license, and supposedly deletes the photograph along with the associated demographic data, as required by contract.

Missouri started taking digital photographs in 2007 and held them in an ORACLE datacenter, but the resolution was not good enough for the “local feature analysis” portion of the facial recognition algorithm. They were ICAO 9303 compatible for their time period and allowed the face shape to be extracted and a template generated. SB252 was passed in 2013 in response to the finding that the 2009 ban on REAL ID and biometric data gathering was violated, and even though SB252 re-iterated the ban on collection of biometric data, at the very last minute before the bill was passed through the state legislature, an exception was added into the law to classify the ICAO biometric photo as not a biometric.

I wouldn't count on Morphotrust deleting that data, as Morphotrust has engaged in bribery in Nigeria to force their IDs on the people, and more locally, reclaimed all of the MODoR's old computers that had the older low-resolution digital images from 2007 to April 2013 saved on them, supposedly deleting the images after the fact as well. Morphotrack is also part of Morphotrust, who has a contract to equip the state, county and local police officers with mobile biometric identification devices. Morphotrust probably wants the new biometric photos, as they are good enough for 1 in 300 million identification, and Saffran, a French/Chinese/CIA owned defense contractor who Morphotrust is a subsidiary of, builds weaponized drones; there's even an automated one that can hunt down and kill a target without a pilot, using nothing but their gathered biometrics coupled with demographic data.

Anyway, STARRS shares information with the Terrorism Early Warning Center(TEW) located in a suburb of St. Louis, and hopes to maintain a database of 1 million St. Louis Area residents biometric photos AND personal information gathered via fusion centers for constant tracking, out of a population of 2.8 million residents in the area. This database is to be populated with criminal mugshots, ID photos, and DL photos, AND it is accessible by ALL police, fusion centers, and associated private entities without a warrant or probable cause. Your medical records can be attached to that photo. Your credit history can be attached to that photo. So can your work history, resume, criminal record, SS number, property owned, relatives, other biometric data, every phone call you've ever made and associated metadata, and any other piece of your life you might wish was private, but databrokers and police and governments have publiscized against your will. AND, because this information has been digitally tattoed to your face, these devices enable police to pull all of that info that is attached to that biometric photo, in the field, just by taking your picture in the field. The only requirement is for the TEW to have your data.

STARRS and the TEW have also consulted with Pinellas County, Florida to set up a camera infrastructure that will also track targets using Automated License Plate Readers(APLRs) and facial recognition. Total, 24 hour surveillance. Just you watch: the police will explain that they need this technology, using the riots as an excuse.

The TEW/STARRS will have the data of 1 million people, out of the 2.8 million living in the St. Louis area. This is also illegal in that state, but the authorities ignore that anyway, just as the MODoR illegally implemented a facial recognition system in violation of state law in 2012, AND IS STILL IMPLEMENTING such a system, even after ordered to stop by the state legislature that discovered this was going on during the 2013 Bipartisan Investigative Committee on Personal Privacy. And, as a bonus, if that data ever gets dumped onto the internet, any random jackass and common criminal can now access all of your data in the same manner!

Last year, Brent Stafford posted about the MODoR scandal in Missouri on this forum as user name OFallonBrent. I wonder if he knows how deep this rabbit hole runs? I have all of the documentation to prove I wrote, and I want to get it to him. If anyone knows him, send him here. I need to talk to him.

And one final set of words: who wants to bet that all of the DL and ID data from the town Ferguson and adjacent villages/towns in St. Louis was pulled from the MoDOR data center and sent to TEW?

I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws our country. ~Thomas Jefferson