Comment: You've done an impressive amount of research

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You've done an impressive amount of research

I hope your initial complex medical issues have been helped. Did you resolve the foot drop problem? My daughter was hospitalized for months after being hit by a car and also suffered foot drop; physical therapy has been only partially helpful. I'll have her B12 levels checked. After a 4th surgery recently her red blood count was low and she's taking oral folic acid.
She suffered severe traumatic injury that affected a left side communication area of her brain, and neuron damage causing semi-paralysis of the right arm and leg, so we are promoting neuroplasticity regrowth/redirection of function primarily with good diet (paleo)and physical/aphasia therapy. I've been cautious with fish oil, and vit. e due to blood thinning concerns.
Did you check out the Kresser articles and their replies linked in this thread? So much great information.