Comment: You need to develop the habit of accomplishment.

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You need to develop the habit of accomplishment.

Us dreamers need self-discipline to see each step of achieving a goal through to completion. Starting and completing a project is a series of steps. Make sure you have prioritized your goals, then proceed step by step until complete. Depending on the project, each step can be a separate goal. Focus like a laser on the top 2 or 3 goals. Let nothing get in the way of following the process.
Discipline is key, and you must be brutally honest with yourself. Are you capable of self discipline, or do you need a "boss" to provide the discipline? Neither is better than the other, but you must understand yourself.
In my experience, being the dreamer, creative type, the self discipline is easiest when I'm working on something that I'm motivated for. Otherwise, in my working career, I was more productive working for someone else, which provides an automatic discipline. As an example, I'd like to change the way golf is taught. Teachers make it way too complicated and the number of paid rounds is going down. It's much simpler than they make it. I have to prove that, or I'm making a lot of enemies for nothing. So 6 days a week in the cooler evenings, I practice for 2 hours. I have my long term goal, and I break my shorter term swing goals down into steps. Each day I make progress toward my goals. Occasionally I'll have a set-back day, but they are becoming fewer. The point is, I'm motivated, because I selected the top goal out of a list of things I like and want to do. I am single minded focused on accomplishing that goal. I love golf, and am passionate about improving how and what is taught.
I know this is rambling and may not be coherent, but hopefully you will get some use from my 65 years. Whittle your goals down, then map out steps to achieve them. Write them down, then get yo ass crackin!:)
Discipline your time. All those tabs open are spinning you around. Give yourself specific time to do web dreaming; an hour at night, whatever. The world will spin whether you are watching it or not.
Start small, but see something through to completion, and make that a habit.

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