Comment: Perhaps a Bookshelf is Like a Wine Cellar

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Perhaps a Bookshelf is Like a Wine Cellar

If it is full of good books they will become more aromatic and nuanced during the years. But once in a while one needs to check out which ones have turned into vinegar. But even vinegar is not bad you can use to your next Bolognese Sauce. But then there is also a possibility that the books that you thought were not at all good wines have suddenly during the years found completely new aromatic dimensions.

I am so happy that Osho's book on Love is one of highlights of your Wine Cellar.

I truly don't know if there is any modern day Osho and to compete with "the most dangerous man since Jesus Christ" as Tom Robbins called him is gonna be quite a challenge. But even there wouldn't be anybody comparable with Osho I would say that his books and videos, for example, in youtube are so manifold that it would need a life time to journey through them. Over 600 books to his name and thousands of hours of video recordings. If the book on Love is a true gem for you I can say that there are many more gems to be found among his other books as well. And then there is his true legacy which is all those meditation techniques (112 techniques in his book titled "The Book of Secrects"). If you were ever to buy this book I say don't buy it as a Kindle but as a real book. The only true teaching of Osho is meditation and one has to experiment with meditations to go deeper and deeper into the experience of emptiness/nothingness as fullness of life.

The talk about the meditations brings us to the real and true challenge which is to become oneself "Osho" or "Bhagwan" which means to become what Osho calls "a New Man". This great video about the New Man could be a great inspiration for all true seekers of DP:

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--