Comment: If we're to have government and laws

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If we're to have government and laws

If we're to have government and laws, I think we should "just" return to the most primitive (read: the simplest) form of those, in their respective design intents.

That is :

1) to make explicit the intent to defend - ONLY (thru MINIMAL law)


2) to demonstratively render - ONLY (thru MINIMAL government)...

... justice, and justice - ONLY - MAXIMAL.

I especially like the common (1) & (2)'s attribute, btw, which makes it for a nice symmetry with its counterpart OBJECTIVE :

MINIMAL law with MINIMAL gov't -> MAXIMAL justice :)

(aka... the KISS principle, of course ;)

A thoroughly rendered justice, for any two parties (plaintiff(s) and defendant(s)) is the evidence that the people's rights are still

a) de-jure reckoned


b) de-facto protected

The only righteous notion of law, and of its enforcement, imo, should be about making the rendering of justice easier after many identified occurrences of fundamentally same cases, or sharing a lot of commonality, as the absence of (a little more general) law is eventually recognized as making them too cumbersome or costly to reanalyze all over again, with the only existing laws - so that an idea of new law is then suggested to resolve similar disputes a little faster (or cheaper) in the future.

That should be it and only it, imo.

I mean, in this conception, I cannot think of why laws would be growing in numbers as fast as they do today (as today's PERVERTED laws, which are all about MANAGEMENT by and for SPECIAL INTERESTS, and almost never about JUSTICE - quite the opposite...)

Returning to righteous laws - for the sake of justice and its rendering ONLY - would be a great SUPPRESSOR of incentives for lobbyists of any sort, and about anything.


And yes, I agree, though, that's going to put a heck of a lot of politicians, and other lawmakers, out of work and in need to find themselves a real job.

Sorry about that!

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