Comment: type 3 diabetes happens when insulin blocks leptin,

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type 3 diabetes happens when insulin blocks leptin,

the hormone that tells your brain that you have enough fat thoughout the body. The only way insulin can block leptin is because of the high sugar diet.

Most don't know froctose is good, but in nature in comes incased in lots of fiber. Insulin is suppose to block leptin when you eat lots of froctose because it's your bodies response to eat lots of food available because winter is not far away. In the old days people would get fat in summer and fall, but would lose it in winter.

Most food manufactures love froctose because it has the same triggers in the brain that drugs have. It creates lots of pleasure, and makes your body produce lots of insulin which blocks the hormone leptin. So you never feel satisfied because leptin can not reach your brain, and the gremlin hormone (ghrelin) says your still hungry.

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