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Check out this book on MS...

Multiple Sclerosis: New Hope and Practical Advice for People with MS and Their Families
by M.D. Louis Rosner M.D. et al. Link:

Louis J Rosner, M.D was my first MMJ doctor. He was almost 80 when I met him and even while dealing with the side effects of a life with polio, he was an amazing person to be around. Hands down, the best doctor I have ever been to... he passed in 2013- I miss him.

"Dr. Rosner taught neurology, did research, and saw new patients at UCLA Medical Center until his retirement in 2000. He ran the UCLA Multiple Sclerosis clinic and wrote the top book on M.S. for patients and their families entitled MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS: NEW HOPE AND PRACTICAL ADVICE FOR PATIENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES, which has a section discussing the value of marijuana in treating this disease."

Huffington Post article about his life
"In all, Louis Rosner dedicated over 50 years to MS, mapping it, researching it and treating patients in a way no one else could."

My prayers go out to Deacon and his whole family