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Comment: Food is Precious

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Food is Precious

When she's not eating much, food is precious. Yogurt is dairy--if it doesn't agree with her, it's wasted. Snapple? What's in it? Forget the toast - wheat is not good for most people.

Try real foods. Greens, protein (depending on her blood type, it might be different), and fruits and vegetables.

Goat yogurt is better than cow yogurt. Eggs, turkey, salmon, are pretty safe. Water. I'm blood type B, and do fine with milk, but it's a problem for many.

Food can be the cause of this, and it can be the cure, but not if you think of it as starvation-prevention.

Is she depressed? Losing one's sight is a problem that can cause depression. So is losing one's parent.

I just went through this with an 84-year-old who wouldn't eat, and he died two weeks ago. It turns out, he probably had cancer (cancer is known to cause people to refuse food), but the point is, if you want her to live (and she wants it), don't let time keep slipping by -- each day without nutrition is a step down the wrong road.

I really feel for you. Attitude is important. Ask if she wants to live and take it from there. Lying around in bed not eating is enough to make anyone weak. Getting some real sunshine (not through glass--glass only lets the damaging rays in) to create Vitamin D.

Doesn't she have high school friends? Networking is key. Someone nearby will have some of the skills you need.

What do you think?