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One Problem

This diet is a good place to start, however, the people she showed: the hunter gatherers in Alaska and Africa, are blood type O people. Blood type O is the original blood type and all of the people used to be O. When the "New World" was discovered, all the natives were still O.

But over time, in Europe and Asia, especially, new blood types developed. Blood type A arose with farming. They don't digest red meat as well (chicken and fish are fine), but do better with grains than most. Blood type B arose among the nomads who went from place to place, and they don't digest chicken as well, but can eat a great variety of food without being allergic to new things.

Because I'm in the minority (B's are a small percentage), I don't trust many broad generalizations on diet because they're based on statistics and logic that does not apply to me.

The suggestion of organ meats and grass-fed meat is great for the O type hunter gatherer and the nomad, but A's will put on red meat as fat if they eat too much of it. Everybody, however, does need to consider eating more vegetables and greens. They are foundational.

Corn is not a vegetable. It's what they feed cows and pigs to fatten them for slaughter.

What do you think?