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I'm sorry to hear about it, Deacon

Ann Wigmore had success treating MS with her living foods diet:

Initially, the diet at the Institute was vegetarian, which transitioned into vegan. But after noticing the positive changes that occurred from eating only living foods, the permanent diet of raw, life-giving foods was incorporated. Viktoras spent hours at the Harvard Medical Library, seeking to create a bridge between what they had been experiencing in regards to health and healing and what was known in the medical and research community.

One of the people they helped was a friend of Boston Brahmin Margaret Drumheller. After seeing her friend’s Multiple Sclerosis reversed with Ann’s guidance, Margaret invited her to move her healing center from Stoneham to her brownstone in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood and, in 1961, Ann and Viktoras officially opened the doors to the Hippocrates Health Institute at 25 Exeter Street in Boston.

For the next 25 years, Hippocrates was literally the face of the alternative health care movement in the U.S. At their weekly Sunday Open Houses, hundreds of visitors came to learn more about health and healing. One such visitor was Brian Clement, a young raw vegan who had plans to eventually open a center in Oregon, but was living in Maine in the interim. Curious about Hippocrates, he made the trip in 1975 and never left.

The Hippocrates Institute is now in Florida, and the Ann Wigmore Institute is in Puerto Rico.

Here is a link to the book she wrote on the Hippocrates diet.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.