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Comment: Looking at both sides

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Looking at both sides

I think it's always good to look at both sides. The over all frustration with an out of control police force is legitimate. The reality that people have lost the knowledge and desire to protect their businesses and home without police is also a factor. Our culture is dependent on police. Not all cops are bad, not all rioters are justified. This is a murky subject. Our slow creep into a police state won't be easily reversed over night. I think every one involved is at fault ...police, rioters, and the uninformed American public. Does there need to be a military style occupation in Fergison? Business owners and residents are being taxed to pay for protection. They have a right to cash in on that. Where do you draw the line and how do we inform the public that there are better options than govt stooges for protection? Good post! It's nice to see someone go against the grain every now and then. :)