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Comment: I had a big thingy written here

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I had a big thingy written here

and then a cat walked across the keyboard and shut down firefox and disappeared it all. Argh. So this coming reply may be a bit garbled.

First off, sorry to hear about your daughter's troubles. As long as the nerve is not cut completely in half, there's hope. I hope you won't mind I've added you and her to my prayer list. Hugs.

Yes the foot drop went away after about 6 months, since then I've had another sort of "Saturday Night Palsy" and nerves always firing wrong, an exacerbation about every other month varying from my legs, my eyes, my jaw, etc etc. I for sure am not "sure-footed" worth a hoot and am as clumsy as Chevy Chase portraying Gerald Ford and wind up injuring myself. :(

Have y'all tried one of those thingies like tens machine but way stronger to "make her muscles respond"? I have one and it's the only thing that would lift my feet off the floor when I had foot drop.

Also, don't forget that each surgery a person has, if they lean b-12 deficient, should always as routine get a bumped up round of b-12 shots before and after. Anesthesia depletes b-12.

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