Comment: It's quite intense.

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It's quite intense.

It's as intense as watching Williams. It's classic Molyneux. He's 90% profoundly insightful. Of course that leaves him 10% clueless. Freud was also profoundly insightful, but that last bit is a bitch, and therein lies the rub [or lack thereof]. I shamelessly revel in his psychological breakdown of lecherous women, but he crosses his own line as he spews his own hatred of his mother and then morphs it into rationalizing Williams a martyr to the victimhood of men. So you're over the hurdle of becoming fully aware of how neglectfully you were treated as a child, then what? Psychoanalysis is a dead end street for atheists. M touches on that below. I'm often floored by the depth of Molyneux's brilliant insight, and I am here with this tribute to Williams video too in fact. I would be lacking had I missed it, but I'm equally floored at how often Molyneux ends up deep down being just another whiny bastard. :D