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What is a Clearing?

True philosophy is nothing but a creation of clearing in which we are able to see the world again. Of this mystery of clearing the Master of Clearing Martin Heidegger writes in 'The End of Philosophy and the Task of Thinking':

"The forest clearing [or opening (Die Waldlichtung] is experienced in contrast to dense forest, called Dickung in our older language. The substantive Lichtung goes back to the verb lichten. The adjective licht is the same word as ‘light’ [leicht]. To lighten [lichten] something means to render it light [leicht] , free [frei] and open [offen], for example, to make the forest free [frei] of trees at one place. The free space [Freie] thus originating is the clearing [die Lichtung]. The lightening in the sense of being free and open has nothing in common, neither linguistically nor materially, with the adjective ‘light’ [licht] which means ‘bright’ [hell]. This is to be observed for the difference between clearing [Lichtung] and light [Licht]. Still, it is possible that a factual/material relation between the two exists. Light [Licht] can stream into the clearing [die Lichtung], into its openness, and let brightness play with darkness in it. But light [Licht] never first creates clearing/openness. Rather, light presupposes clearing/openness. However, the clearing, the open region/the Open [das Offene], is not only free [frei] for brightness and darkness but also for resonance and echo, for sound and the diminishing of sound. The clearing is the open region/the Open for everything that becomes present and absent [alles An- und Abwesende]."

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--