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Comment: Mostly on the edge?

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Mostly on the edge?

Competitive solutions:

Karl Hess wrote a book titled Mostly on the Edge, here:

The problem with the idea of anarchism is the ignorance individuals may share concerning the ties that bind people.

If the ties that bind people are lies, then the liars who know the truth about the lies they tell are much more powerful than those who are infected with the lies.

Call it a weapon of mass deception, such as the Con Con of 1787.

The Red Coats, also knowable as The New World Order, could not subdue, capture, and enslave the people on the continent known as North America through overt force, as proven by the events known as The Revolutionary War.

The defenders on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean included two types of people listed as Patriots or Tories at that time.

The Red Coats, as uniformed members of the New World Order, which included mercenaries, or hired guns, private armies of well paid murderers, plunderers, rapists, etc., had local, or sat-elite, sleeper cells in America, so the local defenders, which were anyone, any color, any race, any age, any sex, any religion, were enough people, enough numbers, armed well enough with factual accounts of precise information, armed with the ideas of Liberty, constituted that war against defenders and criminals, and the defenders won the overt war.

The defenders had on their side, to keep the record straight, a process known as trial by jury, and a free market government design known as a federation of republics.

That is on the record for all to see, for anyone to know, anywhere on this planet at this time. The record is clear, and the information is available to almost everyone in an instant, with a press of a button on a mouse. The criminals, so far, at this moment, can not keep that power of knowledge from the victims.

That is the good side of the saying that offers the pen being mightier than the sword.

The bad side of that same double edged sword is that deception is as mighty as truth. Deception is a weapon of mass destruction.

So the Red Coats, or The New World Order, or The Money Monopoly Power, or the World Reserve Currency Cabal, at that time went from overt to covert war fluidly, while the overt war was lost, while the defenders effectively drove off the criminal armies, the overt war was used to weed out as many Patriots as possible, and then the covert war was to awaken and mobilize the covert sleeper cells planted into the population of North America.

The criminals had to get rid of three things.

1. Accurate accounting concerning who is, precisely, the criminals, and who is, precisely, the innocent victims anywhere, anytime, without any exceptions whatsoever, and that was trial by jury, so that had to go.

2. Accurate accounting concerning who is, precisely, the best supplier of money, and who is, precisely, the worst supplier of money, which was a free money market working to inspire suppliers of the best money to meet the demand for the best money, so that had to go to, for without a money monopoly extortion and fraud racket, the criminals have no covert power at all.

Combine those two defensive weapons arming the defenders in North American with the federated number of existing republics as a means of commanding militia, voluntary, armies of defenders at arms, and the North American experiment of Liberty is invincible in the face of criminal armies of any size then on the planet earth.

Had not that Liberty experiment been covertly overrun by the army of covert criminals in 1787, had not the New World Order retaking control of all the people in North America, the only possible way the overt criminals could have succeeded in enslaving the people of America would have been a truce made between all the criminal armies of the rest of the planet, and that was not possible, because the criminals must maintain constant warfare among their own numbers, because that is the nature of their game.

The nature of their game is to maintain constant conflict among their member "nations" so as to keep Liberty at bay, to keep the productive people powerless at defense, to a point at which the criminals always maintain control over the people. So it was at that point in time, 1787, that Liberty could have overrun the entire world, as the criminals would not have had the ability to collectively collectivize the rest of the population of the world into one criminal army, to then have the power to try again to overtly take over the American Liberty Experiment.

Meanwhile, all the evidence of the good of Liberty shows, that had the covert war failed, and had the New World Order failed to take over the American Liberty Experiment in 1787, the forces of trial by jury combined with the forces of free market money, combined with the forces of republics forming a federation, would have continued the great melting pot experiment whereby all Nations of all Races learn to live and let live as they please, all within the same umbrella of defense by those free market forces of trial by jury, free market money, and free market defensive government against overt army invasion.

In other words, at that point in time in 1787, all the defensive power required was at the fingertips of the defenders in America, by which unheard of prosperity could have exploded across this Continent with the least amount of injury done by anyone upon anyone in any criminal way, at all.

So that event of covert war, in Philadelphia, that Con Con Con Job of 1787, was, is, and may continue to be the crime of the Millennium, unless we the people take our American Liberty Experiment back from those criminals running The New World Order.

No one can say that they were not offered the solutions once the solutions were offered without someone adding to the falsehood that enslaves us.

You were told.

Competitive solutions:

You were offered working solutions more than once.