Comment: This is what I like to see

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This is what I like to see

I rarely jump on the "Rand Paul: good or bad debates."And personally I am on the fence and don't declare opinions to others.

I do like that he has been working with Cory Booker on sentencing reform.
I do like that he has come under fire about the Civil Rights Act but still has Al Sharpton saying he puts pressure on the Dems regarding civil rights.

I think Rand will win me over the same way his father did - Ron Paul caught fire when he challenged the GOP in the primary debates. Most supporters saw him on stage and went "HOLY COW! Did he just say that! I'm in!" We will get to see Rand do the same and hopefully he doesn't compromise his values and kicks some butt. We shall see.

In all, its hard to believe he has only been in the Senate since 2011. And already he has diminished the neocons to a 'faction' of the party, and no longer THE republican party.