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People get what they deserve

"For god sakes people, theft can be written off as a business cost and covered by insurance."

That is a pretty dumb statement. No insurance is going to pay a $25 theft to a business - can you imagine the cost of no-deductible business insurance? Also "writing off" something does not make it go away. In fact if your not making money, it amounts to less than nothing.

1) I suggest we find out why a cop felt the need or authority to shoot this guy and decide whether he is guilty.

2) Also did an 18 year old feel it was ok to rob a store in his own city. If so, no wonder there are food deserts. Who would want to run a store in an area where their property is stolen?

You have to wonder what kind of person would take a police job, a shti job, in a shti town that is hostile to cops. I'm going to guess a martyr, a desperate person or one with an authority complex.

You get what you deserve.