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Well if you want a breakdown,

Well if you want a breakdown, only Michael can give that to you, but I can give you more detail.
Yes, once you buy a computer, thats a one time thing, so forget that.
In fact, lets just look at the costs you will always have.
One of those is the expertise required to actually run things. People wont work for free. If you have the needed experience, than this cuts the cost here quiet a bit. If your site is large, you may need more than just yourself to keep it up and running.(people have to sleep sometime)
Another cost is that of software need to keep things secured and up to date. Alot of this is done by subscription, some isnt. Cost will vary here of course.
Another cost you will always have is that of energy. It takes alot of energy to run a powerful computer 24/7. Much of the energy used is spent on keeping it cool.

All or some of the above could be included as an extension of the price required if you rent your server space from someone. In that case, prices will definitly vary according to what they charge.

The major factor here is bandwidth. This is probably the singular most variable price point. It entirely depends on what your ISP charges(and/or what the server farm charges if you rent) As you know, the more bandwidth you use, the more they charge you. The more popular your site is the more money you need to spend on it.
Beyond this(and assuming I havent missed any essentials) only Michael can give you the discreet breakdown of what the costs really are and how they are spread about.

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