Comment: Reading comments below makes me sad

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Reading comments below makes me sad

Some people have zero analytical skills.

Here is what we know:

Brown stole cigars from convenience store. (Swisher sweets)

Owner went to stop him and brown pushed him back out of the way.

Shortly thereafter one eye witness stated he was trying to avoid apprehension, ran away and was shot with his hands in the air.

Police state that he was struggling with the suspect in a fight (inside the police vehicle) and was shot during a fight in which brown went for the officers weapon.

We also know CNN has been misleading their viewers by purposely editing out the part of the video where Brown shoves the clerk. Also the media is fueling speculation that it either wasn't the same person, or that it doesn't matter even if was. Clearly it matters if it was him, and we know it was him. (This shows both motive and capacity for violence.)

We also know police are not making public the police report about the shooting incident.

We know cops sadly kill people with impunity and police deserve all the scrutiny in the world, many of whom should be serving life sentences. Nevertheless this officer is innocent until proven guilty and right now all we have is hearsay.

Everything else is speculation.