Comment: globalist has not established yet.

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globalist has not established yet.

Not yet, but almost. Still progressing.

Agreed with Lawmanjed by the way. Lawmanjed makes an interesting point.

Nothing wrong being a Zionist. Zionist or Zionism is not a globalist / nwo view.

Most people see it the wrong way when it comes with global domination. global control. new world order in this case.

But do think and look at the freemasonry, mormons, jehovah witness, luciferians, illuminati, the vaticans and the pope, the jesuits order, the islamic state, police state military grade prison planet zombie apocalypse, etc i'm sure there is more to include for a new world order.
The obama administrations in this case.

All i see is this. GOD is in control. and the devil. satanist are fighting and they are not liking it. also dragging people along as well. seeking whom he may devour.

And there is total Great deception. We are living in a great deception. Is a spiritual warfare.