Comment: And the problem is this

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And the problem is this

It is wrong to say that Israel created hamas for it to be a problem for Israel in gaza.
It is not Israel intention for it to be a military prison over there.
What if it was america or some other country helped also creating hamas?

Just as it is wrong for people to moan and talk about something they don't really know of.

How do you think of the progress going when it comes in ferguson compared to Israel and hamas in gaza?

Israel has no right to defend itself? Over and over?

While We see Israel is defending itself and is doing it exceptionally well.

Yet there is people who seem to be so anti of Israel.

So the people has no right to defend itself in ferguson?
Just as it as in a police state and in obama administrations and the united nations.

You should see what antifed says. That is history right there.

Yes. American foreign policy
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Yes. American foreign policy DID INDEED actively fund and support the radical Islamic element that exists today. Anyone that disputes that fact is just ignorant of history.