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I'm confused.

Are you saying Israel was right to create Hamas to divide the Palestinian people and weaken their movement? How is that self defense?

If it was not Israel's intention to make Gaza a military prison, why is it that they are prohibited from trading or traveling with the outside world? This only strengthens Hamas and radicalizes the people, who now are out of jobs, don't have access to medical care, and can't repair their own homes. The funny thing is that Hamas, being democratically elected, does not reflect the majority of the people's views, as it only takes 51% to win and not everyone votes, but yet you think Israel should collectively punish all of Gaza for the existence of Hamas?

It's funny because peace won out in Ferguson only when the cops decided to treat the protestors as citizens and not enemy constants. When the police response deescalated, so too did the protests. Why can't the Israeli Government understand that? Even funnier is the fact that the St. Louis police chief that sent the militarized police actually was trained on police tactics in Israel!!

I oppose Hamas 100% and believe that Jews, Christians, Muslims, and for that matter, ALL PEOPLE should be able to live in peace and harmony. I categorically reject both the oppressive Israeli and Palestinian governments however.

And I agree with AntiFed as I stated in my previous response.

I am a proud libertarian Muslim.

Here are some awesome Islamic Libertarian links: