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Vitamin D

I have read several books recently on various vitamins and its very apparent that they are all needed. Vitamin D if taken at 25000 IU needs Vitamin K2 and Magnesium as well.

Calcium and Magnesium should be in a 1 to 1 ratio and most of us get far more Calcium which without K2 and Vitamin D in proper amounts as well can end up in soft tissues rather than going into bones where it needs to.

Also Magnesium is needed to convert Vitamin D into its active form. One of the K2 supplements recommended was

1 of these supplements for every 10,000 IU Vitamin D.

I don't personally agree with Veganism as all as I think we are natural omnivores. The highest quality meat and seafood and not eating large amounts especially if you can't get those high quality are a good idea though.

Plenty of non-starchy vegetables is a good idea. Iodine by David Brownstein has some information on Cancers and Iodine is part of balancing estrogen metabolism. There are actually more than one type of Estrogen and Iodine with supporting nutrients balance these estrogens out.

Selenium is necessary and recommended form is discussed in the book..I can't remember which. Without enough Selenium Iodine can't do its work. Its another balance issue with nutrients. Selenium also helps detoxify Mercury and other toxins as does Magnesium.

Fluoride is one of these as Fluoride will bind to the sites which Iodine uses if there is not enough Iodine. Fluoride will also bind to Magnesium increasing Magnesium requirements. So its important to have good levels of many nutrients to properly allow the body to deal with cancer.