Comment: I am on my way this weekend to establish...

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I am on my way this weekend to establish...

a residence in Colorado. Also, he added another distillation step that apparently increases the potency.

My mom was given 2 months by the doctors about 3 weeks ago. I am spending every day with her but I am taking this week to get this arranged.

There are over 25 medical studies showing that THC actively kills cancer cells in breast, lung, prostate, etc etc. As well as the additional effects of the various cannibinoids.

More testimonials than I can count. Many of which are from terminal to damn near cured in several months. Even if those are lies, or exaggerations, it is still worth the try.

Worst case, it at least will get her off the prescriptions. Best case, it heals her. There are no negative side effects.

And at the end of the day, you can say you tried everything.

In other words, why not try it. If it fails, you can at least say you did everything in your power.

Last thought on that. If you are alive today, as long as it doesn't get worse tomorrow, you will still be alive. It doesn't need to be cured right away, just stopped.

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