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I even attempted to make my own silver solution,I read that AC current
created particles too big to be absorbed into the body,and the smaller the DC current that was used created smaller silver particles,known as colloidal silver. Then to my way of thinking,the body doesn't run on AC current,so DC current would be better for the intake of the silver solution.
Using the method I stated about how I make it,I can shine a laser light into the jar and see the silver floating in the water,mine turns a golden color.
I went to the site you offered me,but it seemed they couldn't even agree on the color,but they did offer a site where they were selling their own product
which was almost red in color.
colloid Also called colloidal solution, colloidal suspension. a mixture having particles of one component, with diameters between 10 –7 and 10 –9 metres, suspended in a continuous phase of another component. The mixture has properties between those of a solution and a fine suspension
This is what I see with the laser light...silver particles suspended in the water the reference above was

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