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Comment: I'm living on the land of milk and honey!

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I'm living on the land of milk and honey!

Know what that means? Someone is milking a cow and someone is getting stung... lol!
My Bessie, raised from bottle calf, now has her own calf and I am enjoying my own fresh milk. I estimate it costs me about $2000 a gallon so far... Ah, it is a steep learning curve.
We just joined forces with our neighbor, we will be getting the AP up to "commercial" size this winter. I am now a Certified Permaculture Designer, but only did it for our property, not trying to sell my services. We are getting there, things are sort of falling into place for us. I tell you this, I eat really, really well. Should be set up to take interns on within about 2 years, and they will ear really, really well.

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