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A Campaign Song

Just vote for me and I'll bring home pork from Washington DC.
We'll soak the other taxpayers, but you'll get yours for free.
We'll build you a mighty welfare state and it will be your slave,
Offering full coverage from the cradle to the grave.
(...the cradle to the grave...)

We'll regulate small businesses, we'll tie them up in knots.
If not for the vigor of the working class, the budget would be shot.
(...the budget would be shot...)

When things go sour we'll duck the blame, you cannot pin us down,
Not two Senators, your Congressman (deedle eedle eet deet),
The President, or his Vice (wah wah waaah),
His Caaa-binet, the Supreme Court or the Pentagon,
What a slick bunch of lice!


So that's the way the system works, we'll rob the country blind,
And blame each other's party, you'll buy it every time.
The donkey and the elephant will patronize the pest
Who whimpers for free goodies from the public treasure chest.
"New roads! Food stamps! More benefits! Not a single user fee!"
Don't call it socialism, we say "Democracy"!
So watch the action on the floor, it's sure to make you ill,
Those lying scheming Congressmen, there on Capitol Hill!

(meter stolen from Sherwood Schwartz, lyric ca 1998)

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