Comment: PARENTS: Teach your daughters

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PARENTS: Teach your daughters

PARENTS: Teach your daughters about this and how to keep their feminine energy in tact. Usually girls are AWESOME their freshman year, and in high school and THEN.........

So make sure this doesn't happen to YOUR DAUGHTER!

The goal is the make women have a 'victim' mentality. Like advertisements 'empowering' women. I think an 'empowered' woman is super UN attractive. She can do whatver she wants but it's MALE energy that is a get-it-done energy and the more females access that the less attractive they become. By the time they graduate University they have been mega-brainwashed. Freshamn girls 'hook up' and are fun then they are brainwashed it's 'bad' and then blame it all on their false victim paradigm. By the Junior who just had her first feminism class taught by the forced that tryto enslave humanity and wronte the book taught in the class. And the teacher is a lesbian too. 'by choice'.

Also BEWARE: I think they put something "gay" in the vaccines too. Don't belive me? Look it up it's a weapon they say can be used in war.

Why do you think all the guys go for freshman girls??? Because they have FEMININE energy!

PS. I once educated a girlfriend and told her to be a "femininist" ie all things feminine. She changed overnight and became super awesome. She was glad to be in touch with her feminine energy again.