Comment: This is insanity.

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This is insanity.

Police are there to protect property. Spread the police in front of businesses. If people want to march down the street, it is their God-given right to march peacefully.

Jay Nixon should resign, along with the chief of police and Captain Johnson. This could have been over in a few days. Instead, the police brought out MRAPS, weapons, rubber bullets, tear gas, CS2 canisters, while dressed in military camo. If they want to keep things going, this is the way to do it, the question is to what end?

If the goal is to heighten the fear of the people that our police departments are nothing more than paramilitary brigades, what's happening in Ferguson does nothing to change the image. It's time the police back off, check the United States Constitution which they swore an oath to uphold, and stop tightening the screws of tyranny.